April Fools’ Day

Markus is in love with dates, special events, and calendars.

He’d been talking about April Fools’ Day for a few weeks by the time April actually arrived.

This year, you see, our weekly hangout was going to occur on April Fools Day. He thought this was great. So did I.

Then, his mom informed him that they were taking an unplanned, surprise trip out-of-town. The session was cancelled. Marcus was understandably upset. So was I.

Then, at 10:05 a.m. on April 1, I received  the text above from his mother’s phone:

April fools day

No punctuation. No explanation. Was this his mom’s prank on me? If so, weird joke.

I found out later that this was Marcus texting me.

Guys. Marcus, who doesn’t really love people, sent me a message. I was overjoyed.

The first time I met Marcus, he locked himself in the bathroom of my office and wouldn’t come out. This behavior persisted weekly for about 2 month, give or take a week. Another time, he decided to sprint out of our building and run down the streets of Charleston. Every time I got close to him, he’d take off. We were 3 blocks away, both panting and covered in sweat, before I finally talked him into coming back.

Marcus has not always liked me. Which is fine, because I’m not always likable. 5 years later though, with a combination of time and mutual growth, he sends me text messages.  Just because he wants to.

Marcus is not my patient. He is my friend. We meet weekly to play video games and hangout. We’re just friends. His mom calls us “the boys.”

And sometimes, when he wants to, Marcus sends me text messages.

It only took 5 years.

And before you ask: Yes, it was completely worth the wait.

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