AN UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!!! Medicaid Approved Apple Devices Are Back.


So, lots of you are aware of the issues with Medicaid pulling funding from Talk to Me Technologies. Well, after many phone calls, emails, and trial cases, they re-approved coverage of Talk to Me Technologies devices.

Please contact Wyatt (info below) if you have further questions.

Wyatt Franken of Talk To Me Technologies (TTMT) presented to a group of SLPs last year and provided us with great information. Here are some highlights.

Handheld/ portable devices:

  • They offer WEGO 5A, 7A, 10A, and 13A. The number is the screen size and the ‘A’ stands for Apple. The 5A is an iPhone 6 Plus, the 7A is an iPad mini, the 10A is an iPad, and the 13A is an iPad pro.
  • They also have 2 devices that are Windows-based, the Zuvo 12 and Zuvo 18HD. All devices come with cases and external speakers.
  • Straps, stands, and carrying cases are included.
  • Their vocabulary/page set options are WordPower, TouchChat, Gateway, Grid Player, Proloquo2go, and LAMP Words for Life on the Apple devices, and Word Power PODDs on the Windows devices.
  • Switches via blue tooth are available.
  • Keyboards, made in-house by TTMT, are available.
  • The fee to ‘unlock’ the device is $75, out-of-pocket. This is NOT covered by the patient’s insurance.

Eye-gaze devices:

  • TTMT offers two eye-gaze devices, the eyespeak 12 and the eyespeak 18HD. They are 3.5 and 6.75 lbs respectively and each comes with the eyespeak eye tracking camera.
  • These are Windows 10 devices, not iOS (i.e. Apple) devices.
  • The battery life on the 12 is 9+ hours The 18 has a 8+ hour battery life.
  • Calibration settings can be changed from 1-15 points depending on the users needs.
  • Their vocabulary/page set options are Alphacore, PODD, WordPower, Zoom, Quickstep, and Onward.
  • The fee to ‘unlock’ the device is $75, out-of-pocket. This is NOT covered by the patient’s insurance. Unlocking them allows the user to access and control other apps (i.e. educational games) on the device. NOTE: This feature was not demonstrated at the presentation but we were told it is possible and works well.


  • Medicaid/Medicare will pay for these devices, including whatever language app you choose. They are considered DME/DSGD (durable medical equipment/dedicated speech generating devices).

Other Highlights:

  • Loans for trial periods are complimentary.
  • If you edit a user profile or language set during the trial period, the company saves it for you so you can upload it once you receive the device.
  • They give the user a vocabulary inventory guide to obtain information about the user (i.e name, interests, etc). This is then programmed by the company for the user before the device is even shipped.
  • The company does provide report templates.
  • They offer orientation training to the client and the clients support network.
  • All devices come with a 3 year warranty (or 4 major screen breaks).
  • All devices come with lifetime phone/tech support from TTMT.

This is big news in the AAC world here in South Carolina. Please let me know if you have any questions by emailing me, Clay, at Wyatt’s information is below as well.

Wyatt Franken

Office: 1-877-392-2299 ext 732

Cell: 1-319-464-1107


Disclosure: I am not being paid by or receiving benefits from TTMT.


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