Exporting and Importing Activity Pages in Proloquo2go

One of my favorite functions of Proloquo2go is how EASY it is to send files that you’ve created to numerous users using Dropbox. This is a quick video on how to do that for those of you who are visual learners.

Exporting to the Dropbox App

(Make sure Dropbox Integration is turned on in options > Dropbox and that you have installed and are logged into Dropbox on your iPad).

  1. Go to Edit Mode (little pencil icon)
  2. Select the button(s) you want to export (a checkmark will indicate that you’ve selected the icon).
  3. Select the Export/Import button (the right and left arrows at the bottom of the screen).
  5. Confirm export.


Import from Dropbox App

  1. Open Dropbox app (sign in if you haven’t already)
  2. Open the Apps.
  3. Open Proloquo2Go folder.
  4. Select a file.
  5. A message will appear stating “Unable to view file”.
  6. Select the Open button (square with upward arrow) in the top-right corner.
  7. Select Open in…,
  8. Select Open in Proloquo2Go.

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