How to use Guided Access (with video)

I’ve had a lot of families asking about using Guided Access lately. For those who don’t know, Guided Access is a great feature that allows you to disengage the home button and parts of the user’s screen, effectively locking them INTO an app. It’s a must have for use of the iPad as a communicationContinue reading “How to use Guided Access (with video)”

AN UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!!! Medicaid Approved Apple Devices Are Back.

So, lots of you are aware of the issues with Medicaid pulling funding from Talk to Me Technologies. Well, after many phone calls, emails, and trial cases, they re-approved coverage of Talk to Me Technologies devices. Please contact Wyatt (info below) if you have further questions. Wyatt Franken of Talk To Me Technologies (TTMT) presented toContinue reading “AN UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!!! Medicaid Approved Apple Devices Are Back.”

Please Take a Minute to Read Your Kids a Book About Zombies.

My three-year-old loves books. At the moment, he is devouring all things scary. It started with a Curious George Halloween book wherein, George and his friends try to solve the mystery of No-Noggin’, a headless scarecrow that kicks off the hats of passersby.  Believe me, this is terrifying  if you’re 3. His other favorites are Scooby Doo:Continue reading “Please Take a Minute to Read Your Kids a Book About Zombies.”

Virtual Reality and Speech Therapy

Here’s my new favorite tool to use in speech therapy: Virtual reality (VR) headsets. Yup. In speech therapy. Virtual reality is a term you’ve probably heard before. Just to be clear this isn’t the type of VR that you’d see in a The Matrix. What we are working with isn’t going to make you feel like youContinue reading “Virtual Reality and Speech Therapy”

You Don’t Know Until You Know

Earlier this month, I turned 34. We also found out are third child will be a little girl. Oh yeah, and this month marks my first full decade of being a speech-language pathologist. Lots of milestones; markenings of the past, the present, and the future. Looking back, the past decade has been crazy. During this time I’ve gotten aContinue reading “You Don’t Know Until You Know”