Craft of the Week: Basketball Hoop

Craft of the Week: Basketball Hoop for March Madness Summary This video is a step-by-step guide to creating a basketball hoop from construction paper.  Verbal cues/instructions are included. Materials Basketball Hoop Template Glue stick ½ white piece of paper 1 brown rectangle 1 blue square 1 black and red net 1 orange basketball Video Note:Continue reading “Craft of the Week: Basketball Hoop”

Therapists List UPDATE!

Hey everyone! I’ve updated the list of therapists that I am building. Please take a look below and share it with anyone you know who is in need of a therapist for their child. THERAPISTS LIST 11/13/16. Also, we’re always adding names to the list. If you know of anyone let them know about us. Thanks!  Continue reading “Therapists List UPDATE!”

Dinner Winner for Picky Eaters

This is one of my new favorite things: Dinner Winner by Fred Toys. Basically, it’s a lunch tray setup like a game board. It’s pretty self-explanatory; you place foods in the tray, the child eats the items one compartment at a time, and they get their treat at the end. I’ve been using this for myContinue reading “Dinner Winner for Picky Eaters”