Modeling AAC with ZOOM Backgrounds.

When we make mistakes it lets the user know it’s okay to make mistakes, and if we repair these goofs then we are demonstrating to them how to make repairs.

How to: Adding a Strap to an iPad case.

My favorite case for an iPad when using it as a communication device is the Otterbox Defender (click here for example). It’s durable, can be cleaned, and has a nice little kickstand so it can be placed up right on a table in front of the user. But it doesn’t have a strap. We canContinue reading “How to: Adding a Strap to an iPad case.”

Proloquo2go: Importing and Exporting User Profiles with Dropbox

Here’s a quick how to on Importing and Exporting user profiles via Dropbox. It’s a great way to share files between schools, private SLPs, and families.

Proloquo2go: Using Recents and Notes to track device usage.

I talk to families frequently about tracking the usage of devices in various settings. Below is a quick how to one two ways to do this.

Programming an Activity Page in Proloquo2go

Another great feature of Proloquo2go is the ability to set up Activity Pages. You can make them for anything. Books, special events, special seasonal crafts. Below is a video of how to program an Activity Page for Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Feel free to share.   Creating an Activity Page Select the Edit Button (the pencilContinue reading “Programming an Activity Page in Proloquo2go”

Exporting and Importing Activity Pages in Proloquo2go

One of my favorite functions of Proloquo2go is how EASY it is to send files that you’ve created to numerous users using Dropbox. This is a quick video on how to do that for those of you who are visual learners. Exporting to the Dropbox App (Make sure Dropbox Integration is turned on in options > DropboxContinue reading “Exporting and Importing Activity Pages in Proloquo2go”