How to: Adding a Strap to an iPad case.

My favorite case for an iPad when using it as a communication device is the Otterbox Defender (click here for example). It’s durable, can be cleaned, and has a nice little kickstand so it can be placed up right on a table in front of the user. But it doesn’t have a strap. We canContinue reading “How to: Adding a Strap to an iPad case.”

Proloquo2go: Importing and Exporting User Profiles with Dropbox

Here’s a quick how to on Importing and Exporting user profiles via Dropbox. It’s a great way to share files between schools, private SLPs, and families.

Proloquo2go: Using Recents and Notes to track device usage.

I talk to families frequently about tracking the usage of devices in various settings. Below is a quick how to one two ways to do this.

Craft of the Week: Year of the Rooster

Each week I am doing a new craft with my kiddos. I have decided to post them here for you guys as well. There is a PDF, see below, as well as a video. The video is for a few of the kids I work with specifically, so it may not be of use to you,Continue reading “Craft of the Week: Year of the Rooster”

Craft of the Week: Firework

Firework Summary: This video is a step-by-step guide to creating a firework from construction paper.  Verbal cues/instructions are included. Note: This video may not work for every child. It should be modified to meet the individual’s needs. Materials firework-craft-materials Glue stick 1 green rectangle 1 orange parallelogram 1 red triangle 1 yellow starburst 1 brownContinue reading “Craft of the Week: Firework”

Raise Bar: Telegraphic vs. Grammatically Simplified Input

The ASHA Leader published a great little article recently about Telegraphic vs. Grammatically Simplified Input. You can find it in its entirety here: When is simplified too…simple? . Briefly, telegraphic speech includes phrases like, See dog.,  More cracker?,  My turn car.,  Daddy push ball., and the like. These phrases are content driven (they use nouns andContinue reading “Raise Bar: Telegraphic vs. Grammatically Simplified Input”